EMTB.pl Competition Regulations Organizer and Objectives

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1.   The organizer of the competition is Fundacja POMBA, ul. Sanatoryjna 2, 59-850 Świeradów Zdrój listed in the Krajowego Rejestru Sądowego as 0000401328, REGON 02179710800000, NIP 8943038233. 2.  Contact persons: Maciej Pająk maciej.pajak@emtb.pl 781 995 054 MichałJurewicz michal.jurewicz@emtb.pl The website www.emtb.plcontains current information regarding the competition, as well as the following regulations under the link titled “zawody”.

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1.   The objectives of this competition series are:

  • Popularization of mountain biking and advanced all-terrain cycling tourism in Poland. •Promotion of existing regional bike trails, localities and tourist centers. •Providing inspiration for the development and creation of new cycling trails.•Propagating healthy lifestyle patterns, physically active relaxation and recreation. •Introduction of new trends in cycling event organization in Poland.

1.   The competition is of an amateur nature.

Conditions of participation in the competition

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1.   Adults with full legal rights may participate in the competition. 2.  Persons who are not of age, or do not possess full legal rights, must present written consent from their legal guardian at the start of the competition. The written permission should either cover a single race or the entire competition series.

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1.   Conditions of participation in the competition: – registration and providing required personal information and permitting use of personal information for the needs of the competition. •    payment of start fee and chip rental – acceptance of these regulations, –in the case of persons referred to in §3–presentation of appropriate documents.

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1.   In order to register: 1.   filling out the form available on www.enduro.emtb.pl, 2.  or registration and filling out the form at the Competition Office (Biuro Zawodów) 1.   The Competition Office is open on the day of the race. Details regarding the functioning of the Competition Office are always available on the website (www.enduro.emtb.pl) 2.  During registration the participant is obliged to provide the following personal information: – name and surname, –date of birth, –address of residence, –telephone number and e-mail address,  4. Refusal of providing this information or providing incomplete or false information disallows participation in the competition. 5. The foremost way of contacting the organizer is via the provided e-mail. 6. The upper limit of participants is 130 persons.The organizer reserves the right to raise the limit, about which information will be provided on the competition website.

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1.   Every participant is obliged to possess a functioning bicycle, specifically equipped with 2 working brakes: 1 for the front wheel and 1 for the back wheel. 2.  Every participant is obliged to possess a hard helmet, that must be worn throughout the entire time spent riding the bicycle. 3.  During riding, the helmet must be secured according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. This specifically applies to the chin-strap. 4.  Participants without helmets are not allowed into the competition. Payments made by these participants will not be refunded. The participant will be classified as a “DNS”. 5.   A participant who does not properly wear his/her helmet while riding the bicycle will be penalized with an addition of 10 minutes to his overall time. 6.  The organizer recommends the use of additional protective equipment. 7.   The organizer recommends the participant to purchase NNW insurance.

Payments & Services

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1.   Payment for participation in the competition is fulfilled in the following way: 1.   through the payment platform transferuj.pl –only available in the case of online registration, 2.  or through cash payment at the Competition Office (Biuro Zawodów). 1.   The rules and regulations of payment through transferuj.pl are available at https://transferuj.pl/umowy.html

2.  The organizer is not responsible for improper functioning of the transferuj.pl system. However, in case of any problems, the organizer will work together with the participant in order to ensure that the participant is allowed to enter the competition. The participant must, however, inform the organizer via e-mail info@emtb.pl or a written letter to the organizer’s address.

3.  Complaints are handled within 7 days —in the case of contact via e-mail, or 14 days in the case of written letter.

4.  Payments include:
1.   90 złin the case of payment up until 3 weeks before the competition. In the case of the first competition 2016.06.04, the fee is 90 zł up until 2 weeks before the competition.
2.  135 zł in the case of payment up until 2 days before the competition,
3.  160 zł on the day of the competition in the Competition Office.

1.   In the case of payment in advance, the date of the crediting of the organizers bank account, counts as the payment date. 2.  The rates provided above are the full amounts of payment. 3.  Receipt will be provided on the participant’s request. 4.  An additional condition of participation in the competition is the rental of a timing chip. The chips are available at the Competition Office at a fee of 20 zł, which will be refunded upon return of the chip. 5.   The payment covers: 1.   Starting in the competition, 2.  Food and drinks provided at the buffet, 3.  Additional services in direct relation to the competition.

Principles regarding the route and time measurement

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1.   The competition is held on mountain trails divided into special stages (OS).The organizer ensures that the route displays the scenic valors of the region, however the priority of the organizer is to create a route of very high physical and technical challenge. 2.  The goal of the participant is to achieve the fastest total time measured in all the special stages (OS) combined. The transfer stages between the special stages (OS) are not timed. 3.  There is a time limit on the transfer stages. The time limits are provided at the Competition Office. 4.  For every 10 minutes past the time limit, a 1 minute penalty is added to the total time of the special stages (OS) of the participant. 5.   The route is made available 3 days before the competition on the organizer’s website. 6.  All methods of transport throughout all stages (both special and transfer stages), other than walking or riding a bicycle, are strictly forbidden. 7.   Only in an extenuating circumstance, which is decided by the organizer, the participant may redo an OS.

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1.   The route is divided into 4 up to 7 special stages (OS). 2.  The time of each OS is measured by an RFID system using the provided chip. 3.  The start and stop of the time measurement is done by gates at the beginning and the end of each OS. 4.  During the competition it is prohibited to be on the special stage trails (OS) other than during the actual timed run. Failure to adhere to this rule will result in a 15 minutes penalty added to the total time of all the special stages (OS).

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1.   Each participant has the right to provide a formal complaint regarding the competition. 2.  The complaint should be provided within 20 minutes after the last participant finishes the last special stage (OS). 3.  The complaint is recognized by the organizer after proper investigation of the complaint. 4.  The complaint will be handled before the results of the competition are published. 5.   The organizer maintains the right to make the final decision.

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1.   Each participant is obliged to pass through “Gate 0”and to participate in the racers’meeting before the start of the competition. 2.  The placement of “Gate 0”and the racers’meeting will be published by the organizer before the competition, both on the website and in the Competition Office. 3.  Failure to pass through “Gate 0”results in disqualification from the competition.


Rules regarding points

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1.   The participants are divided into the following categories: 1.   Junior U23 –up to 23 years of age, 2.  Elita –from 24 to 39 years of age, 3.  Masters 40+ –from 40 years of age. 1.   Participants are additionally divided into 2 categories based on gender. 2.  Each gender is divided into the age categories.

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1.   Participants may form teams. 2.  Teams must consist of at least 2 participants. 3.  In order to register a team, it is necessary to fill out the appropriate field on the registration form. 4.  During the season, it is allowed to change teams. 5.   Riders from all categories may make up a single team. 6.  Team results are calculated based on the results of the 4 best riders of that particular team.

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1.   The results of the competition are published consisting of all categories. 2.  The competition is won by the rider with the fastest time of all the special stages (OS) combined. 3.  In each category, points are assigned using the following equation: (total time of the winner in that category / total time of the participant)*500

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1.   The organizer simultaneously provides classification of all categories. 2.  A final general classification is provided at the end of that years’series of competitions. 3.  In the general classification, 3 editions are included. 4.  In the case of participants not attending all editions, they will be classified according to the editions they attended.

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1.   Participants who registered for the competition but did not appear, will be classified as a DNS. 2.  Participants who do not finish the competition, will be classified as a DNF. 3.  Participants with a DNS or a DNF are not classified in their respective category.

Limited liability of the organizer

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1.   The participant understands that Enduro racing is connected with a high level of risk. 2.  The participant is without question obliged to have a helmet and to use it in the way outlined in these regulations. 3.  The organizer is not responsible for any harm done to neither persons nor property. 4.  In the case of any accidents, the participant is responsible for informing the medical personel and the judge. Before the start of the competition, the organizer will provide the telephone numbers of the medical personel.

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1.   The route of the competition is not closed off to walking traffic. Because of this, the participant is responsible to maintain safety towards pedestrians and other people. 2.  In the case of any accident involving people not participating in the competition, the participant is responsible of informing the nearest judge or organizer. 3.  Participants are obliged to follow any forest regulations where the competition is being held. 4.  Participants not following the above regulations are subject to legal repercussions.


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1.   In the case of non-adherence to these regulations, the participant is subject to penalties. 2.  The organizer reserves the right to remove the participant from the competition. 3.  Removal from the competition is not refundable. 4.  The removed participant is not classified in any category.

Personal information and protection of personal image

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1.   A condition for entering the competition is to provide personal information, outlined in§5.3. 2.  Not providing the mentioned information disallows participation in the competition. 3.  The administrator of the aforementioned information is the organizer, who will only use the information for the needs of the competition. 4.  The participant agrees for publication of the aforementioned personal information. 5.   The participant agrees to unpaid publication of their image (photographs, films) as a participant of the competition. 6.  The participant reserves the right to modification or removal of his/her personal information and image.

Concluding statements

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1.   The organizer reserves the right to change the regulations, of which the participants will be informed via e-mail. 2.  The organizer reserves the right to cancel the competition for objective reasons. In the case of cancellation, the participant is entitled to a monetary refund or a refund in the form of a credit for a later edition. 3.  The organizer allows for the possibility for a participant to give up his/her paid place in the competition for another person, provided that the organizer is informed at the latest, on the day of the competition at the Competition Office.

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1.   Because this agreement is made at distance, the participant is covered by the appropriate consumer law. 2.  According to the aforementioned law, the following rights are given to the participant: You have the right to cancel the agreement within 14 days without providing justification. To cancel the agreement, you must inform Fundacja POMBA, ul. Sanatoryjna 2, 59-850 Świeradów Zdrój listed in Krajowego Rejestru Sądowego under the number 0000401328, REGON 02179710800000, NIP 8943038233, Maciej Pająk maciej.pajak@emtb.pl 781 995 054 or MichałJurewicz michal.jurewicz@emtb.pl. In the case of cancellation, you are entitled to a refund of the money you paid to us.   1.   All complaints should be sent to the following address: Fundacja POMBA, ul. Sanatoryjna 2, 59-850 Świeradów Zdrój listed in Krajowego Rejestru Sądowego under the number 0000401328, REGON 02179710800000, NIP 8943038233, Maciej Pająk maciej.pajak@emtb.pl 781 995 054 lub MichałJurewicz michal.jurewicz@emtb.pl. 2.  In the case of any problems, there are court systems in place. 3.  Upon agreement to the regulations, the participant is obliged to not provide illegal data. 4.  In order to properly register, the participant should use a device that can connect to the internet.